Introducing The Alternative: Your Gateway to Top Talent in South Australia

20 March 2024

For South Australian organisations looking to inject new talent, energy and ideas into their business, The Alternative is ready to deliver.

Commencing in 2024, this innovative initiative offers local businesses an exclusive opportunity to tap into a pool of dynamic and talented graduates poised to make a significant impact on the professional landscape.

Backed by the Government of South Australia, businesses are now being invited to register their interest in being part of the first intake, planned to begin in mid 2024.

How It Works

The Alternative is a program designed to connect businesses with graduates through a seamless, low-risk process.

Graduates apply through The Alternative website to join the graduate pool, showcasing their skills, knowledge, and career aspirations to find their perfect fit.

Selected graduates are then matched with South Australian businesses for three six-month paid industry placements, providing exposure to a diverse range of roles, industries, and challenges to set them up for a successful career.

The program transforms how young professionals begin their careers by providing hands-on experience, professional development, networking opportunities, mentoring, and career coaching.

Benefits for business

By joining The Alternative, your business gains access to graduates from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, enabling you to identify talent who could contribute to your organisation long-term.

The Alternative offers a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to engage with young talent and potential future leaders. With the ongoing support of an experienced Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, businesses can easily match with candidates that align with their organisational objectives.

Today’s graduates are dynamic digital natives who bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and a passion for learning and growth to invigorate your workplace and contribute to practical solutions and forward-thinking strategies.

Join The Alternative

The Alternative is not just a recruitment program; it’s an opportunity to shape the future of South Australia’s workforce together.

This unique opportunity enables your businesses to benefit from access to top talent and innovative ideas, while giving graduates the chance to kickstart their careers in South Australia.

If your business is ready to try an alternative path, complete The Alternative Expression of Interest form or contact The Alternative for more information.